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This message board is for anyone in the world. You can post questions or find answers to issues regarding Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and related topics. Visit Now

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What We are About?

Welcome to Ards Canada. ARDS Canada is a companion site to ArdsUSA. We are dedicated to increasing public awareness, education and financial assistance to those engaged in medical research. Click here to see answers to commonly asked questions about ARDS

Our mission is to provide a forum where ARDS patients and families in Canada can find support, information, and assistance.

Did you know that approximately 17, 927 people in Canada will get ARDS each year?  Almost half of those diagnosed will die. Get more information about ARDS and how it affects people world wide

** FOR IMMEDIATE SUPPORT, ** Please use our Contact the ARDS Foundation for Immediate Support

ARDS Support for Familys during ARDS CrisisWe also offer support to those who have family or friends in crisis, via e-mail or in person. Click here for the Patient/Family Care center. There are a number of devoted volunteers not mentioned here who are providing their time and experience to make your abrupt journey into the world of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome a little less difficult.



Attention Medical Professionals

Medical DoctorAre you a Who's- who in the ARDS List?
If so, add yourself to the "Who's-Who" ARDS list! Click here for more information.  To Contact us please use our Contact the ARDS Foundation Canada or call 312-749-7047.

Patients and families need help finding a physician who has training & expertise in ARDS Click here


Radiographic Findings in ARDS

Because the ARDS Foundation realizes that people have a difficult time conceptualizing how quickly a patient become so critically ill when acute respiratory distress syndrome strikes, read more and view x-rays... Check out the new ARDS Poster Click here to download the poster


Volunteer and Make a Difference!

Have you been touched by ARDS and have a unique patient or family perspective? Would you like to help others who find themselves suddenly facing an ARDS diagnosis and/or the life changing results that can occur in its aftermath? If so, volunteer at ArdsCanada and make a difference today. To Contact the ARDS Canada please use our Contact the ARDS Foundation Canada

Emotional SupportEmotional Support

Need to make contact about a friend or loved one who is dealing with ARDS now!

You are not alone For IMMEDIATE SUPPORTContact the ARDS Foundation

Would you like to add your loved one to our ARDS Prayer Circle? Click here

ARDS StoriesShare your Ards Stories with us

Click here to read about people with ARDS.

View Videos of Interviews with ARDS SurvivorsSee Interviews with ARDS Survivors


If you would like to send in a donation, in memory of a loved one, in honor of a survivor, or just to support our work please use our Contact form for the ARDS Foundation Canada

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